Sports and Physical Activities Officer

Below, each candidates’ manifestos have been broken down and simplified into a simpler form. The emphasis will be on their proposals and less so on personal background. Their full manifestos are available online here. It is advised you check these, to help make an informed decision on who to vote for.

However, it must be noted that where candidates say, ‘I will’, this is in fact their aims. Therefore, it is unknown whether, if elected, the candidates will be able to get these proposed reforms passed.

Also, unless explicitly written in this document after their aim, candidates provide no methods as to how they will achieve their goals. Their goal is simply set, but it is unknown whether this will be feasible.

Candidate One: Alice Gilhespy-Swan

Alice is a third year architecture student. She is chairperson for Hallam Triathletes squad, as well as secretary for the voluntary team.


  • Improved facilities and space for clubs
  • Getting more people to partake in sport
  • More support for committees, including The Sports Committee
  • More interaction between Team Hallam staff and teams
  • More buses to the Sports Park
  • Attach more charities to clubs to increase volunteering within sport

Candidate Two: Amber Wilmhurst

Amber is also a third year student, studying Nutrition, Diet and Lifestyle. She is the current secretary of the Women’s Hockey Club and captain of the Women’s 2nd Hockey Team. Amber has previously been the Equal Opportunities Officer for Women’s Hockey, and the Equality and Diversity Officer for Sheffield Hallam Student Minds (2017/18).


  • Build upon participation levels within BME students, disabled students, the LGBT+ community, and women in sport
  • Increase number of social sport opportunities and hold faculty wide sporting events
  • Organise campaign to engage women in sport
  • Aid people who seek nutrition advice
  • Better difficulties of hiring sporting facilities

Candidate Three: Ellis Clark

Ellis is a Sports Business Management student, and current chairwoman of the Women’s Rugby Union team. She also has experience as social secretary for the same sector, and has represented all rugby teams, cricket, and netball on the Team Hallam committee.


  • Make sport inclusive for all – Mental Health Awareness, LGBT+, etc
  • Increase acknowledgement of ALL sport clubs’ and individuals’ successes
  • Improve training and guidance for committees to minimise stress and maximise success
  • Have a say in resources and finance to ensure sufficient facilities, kit, etc; via strong ties with internal and external bodies
  • Affordable membership fees to get more students into sport

Candidate Four: Goodluck Odili Oguzie

Goodluck is studying Automation Control and Robotics, alongside working as a Fitness and Health Instructor. He has led different sporting teams during his time at university.


  • Increase participation in sports at Hallam
  • Raise awareness of Mental Health issues, where students feel fully supported
  • Inclusion – working with BME, LGBT+ reps to make everybody feel welcome

Candidate Five: Luke Hampson

Luke is a third year Digital Media Production student, who is the current chairman of the Hallam Dodgeball team. He has been on a sports committee for two years, and has also worked part-time at the Students’ Union


  • Improve mental health awareness in sport
  • Tailor student timetables to allow student engagement with clubs
  • Better training and coaching opportunities for students
  • Allow sports teams availability for training, events, etc
  • Enhance and better communication between Team Hallam staff and club committees, giving better and quicker info and advice


To read every candidate’s manifesto in full, please click here. They show methods and plans that they’d put in place if elected. Make sure that you vote from the 11th March up to the 15th March at 11:59AM.

Written by Josh Allen for Steel Student Media