What is Steel?

Steel is a Media forum for students of Sheffield Hallam University to use however they wish. From blogging and article writing to radio shows and video shows, Steel is a platform to speak your mind, and whatever is on it. It shall be diverse, and offer something for everyone.

To have a better understanding of who is writing for the Steel, let me be the first to introduce you to our committee.



I am the President of Steel. I oversee everything the Society does and ensure it runs smoothly. As well as that, I write features for the website and produce the societies podcasts,. I am massively interested in Pop Culture, and it is a topic I talk about a lot.



I am the secretary of Steel.


I’m the Equality and the Diversity Officer of Steel.  I make sure that everyone feels a part of, and included in the society. I focus on covering Ice Hockey as well as music experiences and reviews for the website. I also like to work on some of the podcasts for the society as well.



I’m the Treasurer of Steel.