Outlined below are the key things to take away from the candidates’ manifestos. We have steered clear from including lots of details about their background; as we believe they said it better in their own words; so their full manifestos are available online here. It is advised you check these, to help make an informed decision on who to vote for.

It’s important to remember that many of the aims in these manifestos are stated as ‘I will’, when in fact it’s unknown whether, if elected, the candidates will be able to get the reforms and aims passed.

As well as this, unless I explicitly write it in this document after their aim, the candidate provides no method as to how they are going to achieve the aims they set out, they simply state their goal, so its unknown whether this will be possible.


Candidate One: Gabby Willis: “For Inclusivity, Support, and Functionality, #GabbysGotYourBack.”


  • An active and independent student media.
  • Enhanced student support.
  • Increased funding and awareness for liberation-based campaigns.
  • Charging Points in all main buildings.
  • A better functioning Union with nothing but student interests at heart.

Candidate Two: Sheriff Mohammed: “#VoiceWithSheriff”


  • Free Printing for all students.
  • Create a ‘sports and societies accessibility fund’.
  • To lobby for Microwaves for faculties.
  • Extension of the guarantor scheme to all students.
  • Support re-establishment of student media.
  • Offer funding opportunities to promote student activities.
  • More support for placement, part time and commuting students.


Candidate Three: Hannah Biss: “Lets get down to BISSness; your rights, your voice, your choice. Make the choice for your voice! #choice4voice


  • Create spaces where people can voice their opinions on all issues.
  • Better the communication between officers and the wider student community.
  • Encourage students to get on out to the student union.
  • Stand up to discrimination on our university campus.


Candidate Four: Anisa Hussain: “We must always be improving and ensuring you, as students, get the most for your money. I look forward to making YOUR university experience more valuable!”


  • Build upon the relationships with the local community and the mass media to promote and shout about all the amazing things the SU does.
  • To create an online, easy to access, central location for all student led event information, from sporting activities, to exhibitions and performances.
  • Work on promoting opportunities that are not always advertised enough, such as the Erasmus Exchange.


To read every candidate’s manifesto in full, please click here. They show methods and plans that they’d put in place if elected. Make sure that you vote from the 11th March up to the 15th March at 11:59AM.


Written by Abbie Dodson and Adam Westwood, for Steel Student Media.