I’ve Trained My High Horse to Kick You in the Face

Written by Calum Conner-Jones   Disclaimer: If you have any problems with the opinions I present in this post then please express your outrage on your phone that has been put together by child labourers. I’m sure someone out there will care, but it won’t be me. “Four straights and a bisexual walk into a…

How Come: People want to BAN this Christmas Classics?

Written by Arianit Ajdini   Ah, Christmas, the time of happiness, gifts, a depressing EastEnders episode and now protests Christmas classics; we really do live in the best of times. Even though I don’t celebrate the holiday I do love the Christmas music, it’s some of the happiest music you will find and they are…

The Music Vox – Track 3 – Jingle Belles

Welcome to the Christmas 2018 edition of The Music Vox! We discuss the Best and Worst Christmas songs, what makes a Good Christmas song and more! Join us every week as we discuss more about Music, every week     Check out the mentioned Spotify playlist here, with some Christmas songs too!

The Music Vox – Track 2 – Wrapping Up Rock

Welcome to the second track of The Music Vox! We discuss whether Rock and Roll is a dead genre, the Grammy nominations, Peachfuzz! by Tabby and our Spotify Wrapped. Join us every week, as we discuss more about music. Check out the Podcast here: Check out the mentioned Spotify playlist here:

Reviewed: The Good Food Show 2018

Written by Dave Carr   The ‘Good Food Show’ at the NEC in Birmingham is the perfect place for any foodie, gadget enthusiast or borderline alcoholic. With a plethora of free samples of different spices, oils, foods, and more importantly booze. You really get a sense of uniqueness and individuality in that everyone has got…

Bellecast Episode 3 – Best Instagrammers and Female Friendships

Isabella Tarrant and Ella Hodson talk about: Our favourite Instagram accounts, and an in-depth conversation about Female Friendships. A light-hearted weekly podcast where we discuss all things from Mental Health, Feminism and Social Media to the Environment and Pop Culture You can listen to the podcast here: